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  • Don MacQueen

    Don MacQueen May 23, 2006, 3:16 a.m. (Message 45347)

    Re: Copying Cassettes onto CD

    Probably the least expensive solution for getting sound into an iBook 
    is the Griffin iMic 
    ( ). It has 
    a place to plug in a standard audio jack, converts to USB, whereupon 
    (I assume) drivers that you install make it into something the audio 
    software can deal with.  US$ 40. It also includes software, Finyl 
    Vinyl, for doing the recording, and (I would guess) splitting into 
    At 8:51 AM +0200 5/19/06, Martin Sheffield wrote:
    >I assumped Alan's problem was the same as mine, ie: how to get the music
    >into the computer.
    >Mine has no input socket to plug the recorder into. It has all sorts of
    >odd-shaped holes around the edges, but nothing that will take a jack --
    >except for output to loudspeakers (Mac ibook).
    >Actually, iI have managed to find a socket labeled microphone on my
    >older windows laptop.
    >Unfortunately, the CD player on that model stopped working a few days
    >after the guarantee expired!
    Don MacQueen
    California, USA

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