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  • Brian Charlton

    Brian Charlton May 19, 2006, 2:02 a.m. (Message 45320)

    Re: Copying Cassettes onto CD

    G'Day, All,
    I have transferred a lot of my cassettes (usually copies of LPs) onto CD.
    The programme I have used is CoolEdit, which was shareware, but has not been
    bought out by Adobe and sold on as Audition (at a much increased price!). I
    have also tried Audacity, which has the benefit of being free and is just as
    capable as CoolEdit.
    To do the job completely requires a significant amount of time. Cassettes
    generally have background hum and other noises and it is preferable to
    remove this noise from the tracks. The technique is to sample a part of the
    'silent' area (between tracks) to establish the background noise profile,
    then apply that profile to the whole side.
    After noise reduction, the tracks should be normalised so that all tracks
    have the same sound setting.
    Splitting the tracks is easy. Highlight one track and copy the highlighted
    area to the clipboard. Open a new file and copy the clipboard into the new
    file. Save the file with the name of the dance. You can save as a wave file
    or MP3, WMA or whatever you prefer.
    Brian Charlton,
    Sydney, Australia
    On 5/18/06, Alan Paterson <xxxx.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx> wrote:
    > I still have about 40 MCs of SCD music which never really gets an airing
    > since I always just take my CD collection to classes (I haven't managed
    > to make the jump to laptop-stored MP3 yet).
    > I would very much like to be able to copy the contents of these tapes
    > onto CD.
    > I do have a computer which is able to burn CDs so what I understand that
    > I need to be able to do is to play the tapes into the computer and
    > isolate the tracks.
    > Has anyone out there done anything like this? If so, are there any hints
    > about either of these tasks? In paricular is there any (cheap!) software
    > to manipulate the individual tracks before burning them?
    > Replies can be made directly (xxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx) or to the List. Up to you.
    > Alan

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