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  • Eric Clyde

    Eric Clyde May 18, 2006, 4:50 p.m. (Message 45318)

    Re: Copying Cassettes onto CD

    I have been using Total Recorder, Standard Edition, from, for a number of years now.  It costs $17.95 (U.S.) 
    and this includes future updates to the program.  I have transferred 
    some LPs and quite a few tapes to CD, although I now have the separate 
    tracks on my laptop for use in class.
    The program is easy to use.  You will need a cable to hook up the 
    earphone jack of your cassette player to the input jack on the sound 
    card of your computer.  Start the computer program and the cassette 
    player and make sure that the volume level is not too high or you may 
    get distortion.  When you have copied a side (of the tape or LP) it is 
    easy to save each dance selection separately, either as .wav files 
    (recommended if you are going to transfer to CD) or .mp3 files (which 
    are not as high quality, but take up much less space on your hard 
    disk).  Note that you will have to give each selection a name -- if you 
    want them in the same order as on the tape, then "1", "2", "3" etc. 
    would be fine.
    To transfer the tracks to CD, I use Windows Media Player (free), 
    although there are lots of other programs available.  Insert a CD-R into 
    your CD writer, choose the program you want to do the copying, point to 
    the directory with the selections in it, highlight the selections, and copy.
    It sounds complicated, but it's actually quite straightforward.
    Alan Paterson wrote:
    > I still have about 40 MCs of SCD music which never really gets an 
    > airing since I always just take my CD collection to classes (I haven't 
    > managed to make the jump to laptop-stored MP3 yet).
    > I would very much like to be able to copy the contents of these tapes 
    > onto CD.
    > I do have a computer which is able to burn CDs so what I understand 
    > that I need to be able to do is to play the tapes into the computer 
    > and isolate the tracks.
    > Has anyone out there done anything like this? If so, are there any 
    > hints about either of these tasks? In paricular is there any (cheap!) 
    > software to manipulate the individual tracks before burning them?
    > Replies can be made directly (xxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx) or to the List. Up to 
    > you.
    > Alan

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