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  • Volleyballjerry

    Volleyballjerry May 12, 2006, 4:44 p.m. (Message 45266)

    Re: The Cranberry Tart (W1 cast RS back on 17)

    The instructions do indeed specify:  "First woman should cast into the reel 
    by pulling back her right shoulder."
    The instructions also include an explanation of the name...the color of the 
    ball gown of the woman to whom it was dedicated on a particular occasion.
    Robb Quint
    Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
    > We tried this in class last night and liked it.  I soon realised that the 
    > key to "calling" the first 16 bars is just to call 1M's part.
    > There was a query about how 1W gets into the reel across on bar 17.  Some 
    > went the short way (left shoulder back) and some the long way (right shoulder 
    > back).  Is this specified?
    > One member thought that the 1W being chased by 1M must be the tart! 
    > -----
    > Andrew Buxton
    > Lewes, East Sussex, UK

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