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  • Pia Walker

    Pia Walker May 12, 2006, 9:46 a.m. (Message 45253)

    RE: Attracting Young Folks/Music Tempo

    Could it also be perhaps, that we try and teach too much all at once -
    rhythm, steps, formations, dances?   And that as we grow up to become
    adults, it becomes 'embarassing' to repeat things?    Children seem to be so
    much more patient with regards to going over old ground, but if you did the
    same dance 5 weeks running in a class of adults, they would be grumbling,
    yet repetition is the only way of gaining confidence in some cases, and
    confidence is the one thing that is needed for people to progress in SCD and
    probably in many other disciplines as well.
    How many teachers out there, actually go up to someone and say 'Well done' -
    'Well saved' - or 'I like your posture/the way you got there/the way you
    hold your head/your smile/your help' etc etc.  In true teacher fashion, we
    only criticize and pick up the faults.  Surely we should do both.
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    > > Oh no!   These are the challenges that spice every teacher's life!   It
    > > might take months or even years of patience but the reward is wonderful.
    > If only everyone had your patience, Helen !
    > Martin
    	It's not really a question of patience, is it?   It is allowing
    people to learn at their own pace.
    	There is someone in my class who has two left feet and I
    thought would never, ever make a dancer but he did enjoy himself
    and often has us laughing at and with him.     Last Friday (my last of
    the season) for the first time he went through a whole dance x8 and I
    didn't call to him once. He noticed it too and was as pleased as
    He's been with me for five years!
    	I think it is one of the causes of these 40 minute step
    practise sessions that some teachers are impatient and want to see
    perfect dancing as soon as possible so that when They are on the
    dance floor as few as possible interrupt their elegant progress.
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