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    0AM7L@SIA May 11, 2006, 2:41 p.m. (Message 45238)


    >From the audience's point of view, a head bobbing out of sync is much more
    noticeable than smiles (or lack of).  And if they're observant, they will
    see that the 'smiles' are pasted on.  We dancers have been so conditioned to
    'smile,' that you can see a phony one a mile away.  It's not a smile at all,
    it's just a showing of teeth.
    And when you're dancing on a field or in an auditorium, from a distance
    anyone can spot a body out of sync a lot easier than they can see whether
    the person is smiling!
    And, BTW, I'm not describing beginners.  We can forgive their flaws.  I am
    speaking of people 'experienced' enough to be on a demonstration team.
    Margaret Sarna

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