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  • Jock McVlug

    Jock McVlug May 11, 2006, 6:01 a.m. (Message 45232)

    the 5minute 8 by 32 Jig or Reel

    Andrew C Aitchison wrote:
    > > Even when LPs came out, I remember that the usual length for 8x32 R was
    4 m 20 secs.
    > Today, these dances are being recorded at nearer 4m 50.
    I really dislike the trend towards the 5 minute mark with reels/jigs.
    It becomes almost painful to do a PdB at that speed. Try slowing the
    Petronella down to 4:50....... and you can watch the class suffer.
    If watching a 5 min (8x32) dance from the sidelines it seems like watching
    the dance in slowmotion..... ( perhaps it becomes a saunter.)
    Try and get that wonderful 'feeling of flight' at that speed,.......
    On the other hand dance the "Australian Ladies" to Bobbie Frew (8:33) and
    you get a chance to 'fly'. Love that Dance and that music!
    Jack in Beautiful British Columbia

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