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  • Ron Mackey

    Ron Mackey May 11, 2006, 12:13 a.m. (Message 45229)

    Re: Ask and Ye shall receive - Perhaps!

    > What is dancing anyway?
    > It's just something to do while listen to nice music.
    > Although I too devise dances and think am critical/appreciative of 
    > poorly-compiled/pleasing sequences, it is the music that is the most 
    > important, imho.
    > There are so many good recordings, why use anything else?
    > Martin,
    > Grenoble, France.
    	It seems to me that you have answered the question 
    yourself.   Moving to the music is the most important thing but La 
    Russe to a samba tune is just not on.
    A lot of dances _need_ their own music.   The Robertson Rant would 
    not be the same dance without the music especially composed for it.   
    Lamb Skinnet just would not be the same to any other set of tunes 
    than those originally recorded.   Try the Round Reel of Eight or The 
    Rothesay Rant to anything else but their own sound is unthinkable.
    Of course many dances without their own tune can be danced to 
    almost anything.  However many are so specific in their 
    requirements that I, personally often spend considerable time (which 
    can be counted in hours) getting just the right music to some very 
    nice new dances which have a definite personality but are without 
    their own music.  
    	Often 'any old tune' will do but equally often 'a.o.t' just will 
    NOT do.

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