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    0AM7L@SIA May 10, 2006, 9:09 p.m. (Message 45221)

    Attracting Young Folks/Music Tempo

    To me, one sign of a 'superior' dancer is someone who can adapt to the
    tempo.  As someone who's watched more dancing (and demo's) than I care to
    remember, there's nothing worse than one head bobbing out of sync with the
    others.  This happens even in 8 hands around and back: 7 heads in sync, one
    not.  It is a glaring, obvious error that the audience sees over all other
    To be brutally honest, if a person can't pick up the beat from Scottish
    Country Dance music--and slow down or speed up to match--they should sell
    their ghillies.  (;)
    Margaret Sarna

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