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  • Marie Disiewicz

    Marie Disiewicz May 10, 2006, 5:55 p.m. (Message 45217)

    Recommended Tunes/Dances

    HI to all
    Another question to you, a group with good opinions about what you want.
    With the many dances from the favourite dance list that we have seen
    on the Strathspey Server or from your own area, which of these would
    you like to have a new recordings of?
    Which of the 2 cpl dances that have been recorded 8 times through,
    would you like recorded again  6 times through.
    Using the recommended tunes to the dance for those dances that have
    such recommendation of course.
    Do you have tunes that you would like to have a recording of in a dance?
    Would you like  a Sing a Long CD to dance to????
    For those who have seen the old greats come and go what sound did they
    have that you would like to hear again, that just cannot be recaptured
    with the redubbing or remastering of the old records.Do you have
    It seems even though we do have a great many bands recording CDs,
    there is still people who want more to finish their collection of
    recorded music.
    You the Strathspey group have good choices. The  musicians who are
    reading your postings can make decisions as to what to produce when
    they have the sources and energy to give of their talent.
    Responses of course should be sent to the Strathspey Server, those who
    want to ask questions of me, send to

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