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  • George Meikle

    George Meikle May 9, 2006, 10:42 a.m. (Message 45204)

    RE: A World First?

    I am glad to hear you enjoy the dance and hope the original tune used is
    just as enjoyable - after all it was composed by a great box player!!!!!
    You may also be interested to know that the CD for Book 45 also holds 'A
    World First' title in that it was the very first CD to be recorded using a
    'digital' accordion rather than the usual acoustic accordion. The instrument
    used on the recording is a Roland FR7. Who says the RSCDS are behind the
    times? On this occasion they were very definitely at the forefront of
    George Meikle
    Lothian Scottish Dance Band
    > John wrote:-
    > Our group really enjoys the Saltire Strathspey. We used it as a demo 
    > dance a couple of weeks ago.
    > Best, John

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