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  • Marie Disiewicz

    Marie Disiewicz May 8, 2006, 3:53 p.m. (Message 45196)

    Ask and Ye shall receive!

    Good morning/evening to all:
    Here is a CD that should be here at TACSound the end of JUNE all going WELL.
    Your requests have been granted.
    I love the Title "Teacher's Choice" 
    Favourite SCD's Vol. 3      Teacher's Choice
    Reel: (3x32R), Jig: (3x40J), Jaqui Watson's Strathspey (3x32S), Reel:
    (6x32R), Jig (3x32J), The Lea Rig (8x32S), Medley (32S+32J X3), The
    Barmkin (1x88R), Jig (7x32J), Reel (10x32R), Balcomie House (3x48J),
    Strathspey (3x40S),Jig (6x32J), The White Heather Jig (4x40J), Reel
    I can say I have done very well with the other two CDs this one man band has produced.
    Any questions or any more requests, please send them to me or put them
    on this site. I am keeping a list.
    For those who have sent private requests, if your request is not on
    this CD, a new CD will be coming out this fall.
    Marie who is always trying to keep you up to date.

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