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  • Ian Brockbank

    Ian Brockbank May 5, 2006, 10:04 p.m. (Message 45170)

    RE: Lets Dance Scottish

    Hi All,
    Marie wrote:
    > For those who know me, know I like information ASP when 
    > available and for some, you will not hear of this right away. 
    > So go to RSCDS web site to the Member section and look at the 
    > News and it will have the Let's Dance Scottish full report.
    > I love the way HQ gives us the updates now..
    > That said, it was the RSCDS International Branch that sent me 
    > the information, being an associate member
    If you have an RSS reader*, you can get the news as an RSS feed at . This will let you know when there
    are any changes.
    * Modern internet browsers (= not Internet Explorer) support this directly.
     - In Opera, go to  Opera will offer to
       set it up as an RSS feed and you can view the history and messages.
     - In Firefox, go to and click on the orange
       icon on the right of the address bar (showing
       This adds a "live bookmark".
    Personally I prefer Opera's approach, but Firefox has several RSS extensions
    you can install, so YMMV, as they say (your milage may vary).  Or you can
    pick one of the dedicated RSS readers out there (Google has many
    suggestions, I can make no recommendations).
    Ian Brockbank
    Edinburgh, Scotland

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