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  • Ron Mackey

    Ron Mackey May 4, 2006, 11 p.m. (Message 45156)

    Re: The Gary Strathspey

    > wrote:
    > > Does anyone have any interesting information about The Gary Strathspey and  
    > > the tune it is danced to, Jig Time Polka?  I am going to teach the tune to 
    > > a 
    > > group of musicians and I like to add as much information about it as I can  
    > > find.
    	I have the original music for it and The Old Barn Jig before 
    me as I write !!.
    It was first danced on TV (the copyright is dated 1958) and the 
    frontispiece states STV's TOP Scottish Dance Programme.  I'm not 
    sure if it was The Kilt is My Delight or The White Heather Club.  I 
    rather suspect the latter as the picture is of a TV studio with all the 
    dancers and watchers and they are not formally dressed! Shirt 
    sleeves - I ask you!!  Of course it may be rehearsals but there are a 
    couple of sets and TKIMD was more dem style.
    The tunes were composed by George Keenan and Jimmy Blair,  for 
    'Piano and Piano - Accordian'
    Published by Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place Glasgow.  Price 2/- 
    (shillings) net!
    My goodness - I've just noticed the tiny waists on most of the ladies 
    (girls).  Still, they walked much more in those days.:~)

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