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  • Rebecca Sager

    Rebecca Sager May 3, 2006, 7:27 p.m. (Message 45150)

    Re: Any news?

    I hadn't seen Marilynn for a couple of years, but she came to the Ball
    at our Dillard House Workshop Weekend at the end of February. She was
    spectating, not dancing, and the reason for her being there was that
    her son, David, was our fiddler. The music was particularly grand -
    David and pianist Dave Wiesler were absolutely in top form. Marilynn's
    comment was that it was  "...a stellar event....Thanks for the warmth
    of so many of the dancers. I am inspired to 'Re-Join the Dance'"!
    However, we haven't seen her since then. David said she hadn't been
    teaching for a while. Becky Becky SagerMarietta GA USA
    -- Martin Sheffield <xx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx> wrote:
    It's getting quieter and quieter on Strathspey these days.
    Has anyone any news of Marilyn Knight, who used to send cheerful little 
    messages from time to time, reminding us that life and Scottish dancing 
    were great occupations?
    in Grenoble, France.

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