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  • Helen Brown

    Helen Brown April 26, 2006, 1:32 p.m. (Message 45121)

    RE: Miss Isabelle McCrearie's Strathspey

    About twenty five years ago I was dancing in Princes Street Gardens in
    Edinburgh and this dance was demonstrated and then we all danced it.   I
    have been occasionally looking for the source but admit I haven't tried very
    hard!   Does anyone have any information?   It is a 32 bar 4 couple longwise
    strathspey which starts with all 4 couples casting off to the bottom,
    crossing over and dancing up on the opposite side to place where the 1st
    couple face down.   It also has 8 bars reminiscent of Trip to Bavaria.   I
    have taught it a few times over the years but would like to know where it
    Helen C N Brown
    York, UK 

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