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    suepetyt April 25, 2006, 6:38 p.m. (Message 45113)

    RE: contact details

    This is a problem I am always highlighting when I do website reviews for the
    Dance On! Magazine.  
    There are a lot of dancing websites which are not up to date, some years out
    of date, and to make it worse, many events listings to not have the year so
    you have to look at a calendar and check the day of the week (if they have
    I always think it is better not to have a website, than to have an out of
    date website.
    It would be impossible for one person to maintain a central website (witness
    Ian's problems keeping up to date) and John Sturrock's is the one the RSCDS
    link to - they will never manage it.
    The best option is for regional sites where events are held with links from
    the RSCDS site.  This is already happening by default to some extent.  I
    manage a site which posts events in south west Scotland and north west
    England (and a few a bit further afield) and Alasdair
    Graham manages one for west central Scotland. These areas are a size that
    one person can manage to keep up to date.
    Happy Dancing
    Sue Petyt 
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    Which reminds me - it would really be helpful for us poor travellers if all
    clubs/brances/sets/individual dancers could check the contact details which
    are in the public domaine - i.e. not your own websites.
    I was recently in Dubai (and other places) and decided to go dancing in
    Dubai having missed dancing in all the other places due to conference
    dinners, travel etc.
    My contact in Dubai which I received via Mexico had not managed to contact
    me before I went, because I was too slow to contact her - but I knew that in
    Dubai they danced in the Dubai Country Club - and when there, I checked
    online and the Expat Womens pages confirmed this plus date and that it was
    Squash Court 3.
    I took a chance and a taxi and ventured forth into the traffic chaos and
    general maniacal driving in this wonderful place - when I got there I was
    received with totally blank stares - nobody had heard about SCD - apparently
    the info I got online was (years?) out of date.   Gate crashed the pool bar
    in the Country Club (my only chance to get to such a place :>)) had a drink
    and a snoop (memories of 6 arabic gentlemen in full garb playing snooker in
    one of the rooms) and went back to my hotel. No dancing.
    Before anyone says that I should have checked with RSCDS etc, the dancers
    out there apparently are not affilliated - yes indeed there are plenty
    places out there where Scottish Country Dancing is carried out without
    contact with Edinburgh - and therefore one cannot check up on them via
    Just a little by the way - it may help others to join you in dancing.
    Who really enjoyed Dubai anyway -  can recommend Dune-bashing - it is a bit
    like Wild/White Water Rafting with a 4 wheel drive in sand.
    We have a member going on holiday to Leipzig this weekend for about 6
    weeks.    Any advice on SCD availability within reach of Leipzig
    during that time will be most welcome, and will be passed on
    Many thanks
    Angus Henry;  Secretary, NT Branch RSCDS
    web site <>
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