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  • Alexandre Rafalovitch

    Alexandre Rafalovitch April 25, 2006, 5:44 p.m. (Message 45110)

    Re: contact details

    On 4/25/06, Pia <> wrote:
    > Which reminds me - it would really be helpful for us poor travellers if all
    > clubs/brances/sets/individual dancers could check the contact details which
    > are in the public domaine - i.e. not your own websites.
    My feeling is that it should be some sort of centralised service even.
    Everybody registers their website with a particular provider (could be
    done automatically first time) and that provider periodically (say
    every 3 months) runs dead-link checkers, sends confirmation emails of
    'X linked to you', etc.
    Theoretically, this should even be a part of HQ's services to the
    branches, but I suspect they have their own problems with technology
    and/or there may not even be providers out there to do such services.
    Do people (website masters in this case) even care if their links are
    dead? Does anybody send 'notice, dead link' emails to web sites they
    visit? I do, but then I worked in tech-support before.....
    I am quite interested in this topic, so if you don't want to email the
    whole list, private emails are welcome too.

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