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  • Eddy West

    Eddy West April 25, 2006, 2:33 a.m. (Message 45106)

    Re: looking for a recording

    I believe the record may be ACLM 1081 COME SCOTTISH DANCING Folk Dances of 
    Scotland. Jim Cameron's Scottish Dance Band
    Brouns Reel
    La Russe
    Strip the Willow
    Scottish Reform
    Isle of Skye
    Waltz Country Dance
    Pride of Erin
    Glasgow Highlanders
    Dundee Reel
    Hamilton House
    All are transfers from 78 rpm records and are not full dances - Brouns reel 
    is 5x32 + 8bars for example.
    All are remastered on Ross Records CD CDGR174 Jim Cameron's Scottish Dance 
    Band Vol 1( together with 10 other tracks ex 78 records. 
    Ross have also issued Vol 2 & 3 (CDGR175 and CDGR185) with another 36 tracks 
    from Jim Cameron.
    I have also seen a 10" LP -not Ace of Clubs I think - with the Lancers, Gay 
    Gordons, Broun's Reel 10x32 and the Eightsome. I do not have further details 
    of this one.
    Eddy West
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    >I have  friend who is trying to locate a recording by
    > Jim Cameron  of Scottish Traditional Dances, an LP on the Ace of Clubs 
    > label.
    > Does anyone on the list have ideas and suggestions?
    > Sylvia Miskoe Concord NH USA

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