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  • Alasdair Graham

    Alasdair Graham April 24, 2006, 10:25 p.m. (Message 45104)

    Re: looking for a recording

    If you log into this site
    and type "Jim Cameron" into the "search words" section and check the dot 
    below is before the word "all" then hit enter you will see a list of 67 
    results.  Result no 5 (plus others)  give the name Jim Cameron. clicking on 
    Jim's name will bring up details of all his recordings on CD, including LP's 
    remastered.  You may find what you are looking for there as seven are 
    Alasdair Graham,
    Dumbarton, Scotland.
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    From: <>
    >I have  friend who is trying to locate a recording by
    > Jim Cameron  of Scottish Traditional Dances, an LP on the Ace of Clubs 
    > label.
    > Does anyone on the list have ideas and suggestions?
    > Sylvia Miskoe Concord NH USA

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