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  • campbell

    campbell April 24, 2006, 1:17 p.m. (Message 45100)

    RE: The Dee in Spring

    Paula Jacobson wrote
    > Are you sure about "The Dee in Spring" being by Terry Glasspool?
    > I have taught a dance with the same title devised by Mel Briscoe
    > which I found on his website. It's a 3 couple set strathspey with
    > a "tourbillon and link" figure.
    Oops, my apologies, you are quite right.  I think I made the mistake
    because I got the dance off the same website as the one mentioned as
    having more Terry Glasspool dances on it.  I just assumed they were all by
    him.  Apolgies to Mel Briscoe, Terry Glasspool, the Strathspey mail list
    and anyone else who hasnt been apologised to recently and feels left out.

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