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  • Stella Fogg

    Stella Fogg April 20, 2006, 3:51 p.m. (Message 45086)

    Bobby Murray CD

    Hi all, 
    I have just spoken with Bobby Murray about his CD "The Odds" and he
    has given permission to put this information on the server.
    Richmond, VA
    Bobby Murray
    136 Swisher Lake Way
    Melrose  FL 32666
    Phone 386-659-2700
    Scottish Country Dance "The Odds"
    Bobby Murray
    1. 4X48 bar Reel (3.35)
            Lady Charlotte Campbell's Reel (Robt. MacIntosh)
            Pig Town (trad)
            Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday (trad)
    2.    3X32 bar Jig (1.53)
                Island of Mull (trad)
                Glasgow Gaelic Club (trad)
                Steam Boat (trad)
    3.    48 bar Strathspey/48 bar Reel (2.36)
                Rose Acre (J.S. Skinner)
                The Kilt is my Delight (trad)
    4.    2X48 bar Reel (1.54)
                Captain Carswell (Pipe Major W. Lawrie)
                The Desert March (J. Mauchline, 3rd part P.M.A. MacDonald)
    5.    88 bar Jig (1.45)
                Starin' Oot the Windae (Bobby Murray)
                He's O'er the Hills that I Lo'e Weel
    6.    Waltz Country Dance (4.09)
                Green Hills of Islay (trad)
                Filord (trad)
                The Four Marys (trad)
                Crossing to Jura (trad)
                Kirkconnel Lea (trad)
    7.      160 bar Set Reel (for 5X32) (3.01)
                Walker Street (trad)
                Miss Monahan (trad)
                Sheehan's Reel (trad)
                Olive Branch (trad)
                Walker Street (trad)
    8.    80 bar Strathspey (2.45)
                Mrs. Stewart Nicholson (Nath Gow)
                Captain Campbell (trad)
                Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow)
    9.    6X32 bar Jig (3.33)
                Gary Owen (trad)
                Lanigan's Ball (trad)
                To the Ladies (trad)
                Maid on the Green (trad)
                Smash the Windows (trad)
    10.    80 bar Reel (1.36)
            The Fairy Dance (trad)
    11.    4X16 bar Strathspey/ 16 Reel Medley (3.25)
                The Miller O' Hirn (J.S. Skinner)
                Jock Wilson's Ball (trad)
                Cropies Strathspey (P. Milne)
                Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad (trad)
     12.    120 bar Set Reel (2.18)
                Polka des Patroneux (trad)
                Levantine's Barrel (trad)
    13.    6X16 bar Strathspey (3.16)
                MacKenzie Hay (J.S. Skinner)
                New Strathspey (J.S. Skinner)
                Johnnie Gibb O' Cushetneuk (J.S. Skinner)
    14.    8X40 bar Jig (5.53)
                As I was Kissed Yestreen (trad)
                The Drunken Person (trad)
                My Own Lass (trad)
                Stool of Repentance (trad)
    15.    32 bar Strathspey/32 bar Reel (1.47)
                The Iron Man (J. S. Skinner)
                Angus Campbell (J.S. Skinner)
    The story behind the lead tune on # 9 "Gary Owen" is that Bobby was
    playing this tune at at a Games, when a vet approached and told him
    that his son had served in Vietnam.  Seems he and his comrades were
    trapped out in the field and a chopper was sent to find them.  When
    the chopper arrived, they were blasting out the tune "Gary Owen".

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