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  • Thomas G. Mungall, III

    Thomas G. Mungall, III April 18, 2006, 5:05 p.m. (Message 45075)

    Re: Instruction and music for the "Irish Washerwoman."

    We do this dance in our "vintage class", however, for the life of me I
    cannot remember exactly how the dance goes. It is danced in a longwise set.
    I'll ask tonight and try to get all of it down and post it here.
    What I remember is as follows: first all couples count off 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.
    All men and women cross sideways across the set using Irish side steps, step
    forward and back, cross back to own side, step up and back. #1s chasse
    sideways downs the set for four counts, then back and cast off around the
    #2s who step up. #1s rights and lefts and repeat having passed a couple.
    Well it is something like that and ya'll get the general idea.
    Tom Mungall
    Baton Rouge, La, USA
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    From: "Ian Brockbank" <>
    > I've just had this request.  Although I know the tune, I'm not familiar
    > the dance.  Can anyone help?

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