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  • Alexandre Rafalovitch

    Alexandre Rafalovitch April 14, 2006, 4:15 a.m. (Message 45050)

    Re: International Dance Council

    Let's just calm down. They are just confused at the other end and
    possibly over-automated.
    Pia had the right idea. Get to the human and sort this all out.
    If she does not get anywhere, we are back to the original position,
    which is letting me collect all the email addresses that got that
    message individually and deal with the human to unsubscribe them all
    in bulk. We now have couple more real people's emails, so can sort it
    Remember that Easter/etc. is coming, so they might be at a lower
    capacity over the next couple of days. (which might explain the
    spaminess if they just blasted off several emails at the end of the
    day not realising they were for the same reason).
    On 4/13/06, Melanie D Pratt <> wrote:
    > Pia, et.alia,
    >   They just keep trying.  I had never heard of this Samm organizatin
    until last week, when the first enquiry came across Strathspey.
    Today, I had 5 emails from them! I put Spam Alert on it, so I should
    not receive any more.

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