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    MacdonaldBall April 8, 2006, 5:42 p.m. (Message 44999)

    We are in the Carolinas..April 14-23

    Dear  Friends, 
    Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews and Rosalind Ilet  will be in the Carolinas from 
    April 14th through the 23rd  promoting the Flora Macdonald Ball.  The plan is 
    for them to zigzag across the Carolinas visiting with dance  groups.  Their 
    journey will begin in  the Durham/Chapell Hill area on Friday night April 14th, 
    they will  travel to Red Springs (NC) on Saturday (April 15th) and will be in  
    the Red Springs/Southern Pines area through the weekend and possibly first of  
    the week – staying with Gaitley’s aunt in Southern Pines part of time and  
    possibly in Red Springs part of the time. Middle of the week they plan to travel 
     to the Charlotte area and will end their journey at the Loch Norman Highland 
     Games for the Gala dance in the evening and other events during the day. 
    Look  for them at the Flora Macdonald Highland Games tent! They also hope to “
    pop-up”  to Raleigh/Durham to dance Scottish one evening and “pop-down” to 
    Columbia as  well.  
    If there is a dance or class that looks as if it  may be on their path or if 
    you are interested/able to offer hospitality in or  near any of the locations 
    noted PLEASE LET THEM KNOW by contacting them at _xxxxxxx@xxx.xxx_ 
    ( .  As good dance Gypsy's they will have  sleeping bags in tow.   
    Hope you can join us for the Flora Macdonald  Ball:  
    _www.floramacdonaldball.com_ (  
    There will also be  Scottish Coutry Dance workshops during the day taught by 
    Stella Fogg and Barbara  Youngman!  Band:  Mara Shea and Dave  Wiesler!!! 

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