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  • Dick&Maureen Daniel

    Dick&Maureen Daniel April 7, 2006, 11:16 p.m. (Message 44989)

    Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    I have no doubt there are many "converted " people in RSCDS.  The problem 
    from my viewpoint is that no-one [in Scotland] is doing anything about that 
    monstrous iceberg, other than making mouth-music.  Meantime, we are on "Full 
    Speed Ahead".  Even when action is taken to "turn the wheel a wee" - rather 
    than just talk at length and in depth about whether the wheel needs turning 
    - a ship this big takes a long time to respond.  The sooner we change 
    course, the less the wheel will need to be yanked to avoid the collision.  
    Elementary physics.
    The action needed is to DEMONSTRATE forcibly to all comers, that RSCDS 
    dancers are NOT FIXATED on "proper" footwork and decorum.  That is 
    definitely not the signal being generally transmitted at this point in time, 
    in Scotland, as far as I and many non-RSCDS dancers/aspiring dancers I know 
    and/or have met, are concerned.  I think it may also be the main reason that 
    many non-RSCDS dancing clubs in Scotland go no further than affilliating 
    with RSCDS and many don't even go that far.
    People who come to Scottish RSCDS classes or public events [especially young 
    people] have to be shown EXTREME levels of tolerance.  Call it ACTIVE 
    Positive Discrimination to use current buzz words.  I don't think we are 
    trying hard enough.  We think that if we can honestly say we had a good time 
    at an event, that makes it self-evident that nothing is basically wrong with 
    the RSCDS way, and we are right.  Unfortunately, the real young folk don't 
    agree, and vote with their feet.
    If you have never been to the Riverside Club in Glasgow [or similar venue], 
    you can never begin to understand why their form of dancing is so generally 
    attractive to young people, and the RSCDS version is generally NOT.   
    ......................... NB  ALL age groups are made very welcome there and 
    ALL age groups dance together.  I have never seen, or heard of, any 
    brawling.  It's all good simple fun dancing to good Scottish music - but 
    with much more vigour than is normal at RSCDS events.
    I am not suggesting Scottish RSCDS adopt Riverside Club format, only that we 
    should move a bit  towards that format - particularly when dealing with 
    young people.
    Dick Daniel
    >From: "Ron Mackey" <>
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    >Subject: Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow
    >Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 00:10:12 +0100
    >	I do have the feeling that Dick ls preaching to the (mostly)
    >converted.   I make refernce to Bill Clement's Speech at Summer
    >School on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary in 1998!!
    >It is all in there and was put to us in a message from Jim Healy
    >which, no doubt, may be conjured up from the Archives?

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