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  • S. Keith Graham

    S. Keith Graham April 7, 2006, 10:31 p.m. (Message 44988)

    Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    On 4/4/06, Thomas G. Mungall, III <> wrote:
    > One of the best Scottish Country Dancers I know was a former competitive
    > Highland Dancer in her youth. In fact, I've known several so it does happen,
    > admittedly it is rare.
    Another comment from one of our converted Highland dancers last night:
    "Many highland dancers in the US don't know anything about SCD.  When
    they go to a games to compete, they go directly to the competition,
    warm up, compete, change costumes, compete again, collect medals, and
    go home.  I had no idea what else happened at the games."
    Unless there's some overlap between the highland dance community and
    the country dance community in a particuliar locale, it is possible
    they have no idea SCD even exists.   (In Atlanta, there's no overlap
    between the two.  In parts of North Carolina, there's  considerable
    So perhaps there is a recruiting opportunity here for Highland Dancers
    (both younger and older) and perhaps for their parents as well.  An
    article in a Highland Dance magazine?  A demo on the Highland Platform
    during a break to get their attention?
    Keith Graham
    Atlanta, GA, USA

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