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  • S. Keith Graham

    S. Keith Graham April 4, 2006, 8:24 p.m. (Message 44982)

    Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    On 4/4/06, Thomas G. Mungall, III <> wrote:
    > One of the best Scottish Country Dancers I know was a former competitive
    > Highland Dancer in her youth. In fact, I've known several so it does happen,
    > admittedly it is rare.
    While Highland dancing does have some overlap with SCD, it is very
    different in feel and character.
    The overlap includes, to some degree, the music as well as a ballet
    influence.  But for the most part, Highland is all about the footwork
    and essentially does not have "figures" as we understand them. 
    Highland is also a competitive solo dance with very little interaction
    (with only one or two exceptions) with other dancers.
    So while the footwork will be nearly trivial for a former highland
    dancer, the figures won't be.  And the social aspects of SCD may or
    may not appeal to a highland dancer as it is more of a solo
    competitive sport (ala gymnastics.)
    In fact, we have a former gymnist as a beginner in our class, and she
    is doing extremely well as a beginner.  And two of the best students
    in our last beginner class were former college (American) football
    People with a background in dance or athletics will probably learn SCD
    more quickly than your "average" person but if they aren't interested
    in the social and interactive aspects, I don't think they'll continue.
    Keith Graham

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