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  • Thomas G. Mungall, III

    Thomas G. Mungall, III April 4, 2006, 7:58 p.m. (Message 44981)

    Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    One of the best Scottish Country Dancers I know was a former competitive
    Highland Dancer in her youth. In fact, I've known several so it does happen,
    admittedly it is rare. For some young folk, Highland Dance is a competitive
    sport rather than an art. The same is true for Irish solo dance. Likewise,
    how often does one see a former Irish solo dancer dancing Irish Ceilli
    However, for some, the joy of dance carries over into SCD.
    Tom Mungall
    Baton Rouge, La, USA
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    From: "Andrew C Aitchison" <>
    > On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, mlamontbrown wrote:
    > > I always find it sad that young competitive highland dancers rarely
    > > transform into the next generation of Scottish Country dancer.
    > I'd be surprised if they did. If they can't compete at the level they
    > used to, SCD is going to seem like a big step down that just reminds them
    > how far the have retreated. I'd expect them to teach highland or take up
    > something completely different.

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