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  • Dick&Maureen Daniel

    Dick&Maureen Daniel April 4, 2006, 3:42 p.m. (Message 44979)

    RE: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    Ian Brockbank wrote....
    >It depends who you are.  For beginners, of course you shouldn't concentrate
    >on niceities until the basics are there.  I ENJOY the fact that there is an
    >ideal to strive for, and I like to get as close as possible most of the
    >time.  But that doesn't mean I expect other dancers in my set to do the 
    >(except when performing, of course).
    There is no official "accuracy police force" which
    >lurks at social events and will strike you off forever for being
    >fractionally out of place on bar 6.239 of the tournee (though there are a
    >*few* sad individuals who unfortunately seem to see that as their role), 
    >this runs counter to the attitude of the members of the executive 
    >who I know.  Have you danced with Stewart?
    Agreed, fortunately the sad individuals are very much in the minority and 
    easily dismissed.  Have not danced with Stewart knowingly... Most of my 
    activity is in the West of Scotland.
      Sure, there are some teachers who do still teach this
    >way.  That doesn't mean "the RSCDS" in general (whoever that is) thinks 
    >way.  Yet for some reason, every time someone is inappropriately strict, it
    >is taken as because they are RSCDS members.  Every time someone is
    >appropriately lax, it is taken as despite being RSCDS members - even if 
    >is the more common occurrence.
    I'm becoming convinced that the main problem may stem from teaching too 
    tight too soon.
    >And this is the marketing battle we need to fight - to convince everyone
    >that "the RSCDS is strict and stuffy" is an out-of-date image, and to
    >convince members (an in particular teachers) that behaviours that give this
    >impression are now inappropriate.
    I've had unsolicited feedback from several indivicuals who attended a class, 
    formed the instant "strict and stuffy" conclusion, and didn't hang around 
    long enough to find out otherwise.
    >On the other hand, we do need to recognise that the structure which the
    >RSCDS style provides is a major asset.  It's certainly the reason dancing 
    >_my_ main hobby.  I enjoy dancing well, and I enjoy the mental and physical
    >challenges that offers.  If I was just ceilidh dancing, it wouldn't be such
    >an obsession - there's just not enough to it for me.
    Couldn't agree more.  The RSCDS must survive at all costs, in the interests 
    of SCD.
    We mustn't lose sight of the fact however that Ceilidh is a generic term 
    covering many different formats and venue types.  Even RSCDS version of SCD 
    is a form of Ceilidh where only set dances are performed.
    Check out my Noddy web site for an insight into my 
    attempts to bring SCD/Ceilidh to the notice of the general public.
    >As has been said before, no-one complains about David Beckham being a good
    >footballer.  So why do so many people complain about people who want to
    >dance well?
    I have never heard anyone criticise another for dancing well - only for 
    being expected to dance perfectly.
    Dick Daniel.

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