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  • Margaret Lambourne

    Margaret Lambourne April 3, 2006, 11:21 p.m. (Message 44975)

    Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    I agree totally with both Hannah and Alex about the social aspect of SCD 
    being very important. I had 2 of my group, who had only taken up dancing 
    about 3/4 years ago and had retired down to the south of France, told me 
    that dancing had been their entree into a social life with both ex-pats 
    and locals and were very grateful for it. It doesn't matter what age you 
    are, SCD is very social and gives you a great social life enabling you 
    to meet and become friends with many you would never have met otherwise. 
    It certainly gave me a great point of contact when I moved to the 
    Netherlands over 20 years ago, not knowing anyone and unable to speak Dutch.
    Alexandre Rafalovitch wrote:
    > On 4/3/06, Hannah Newfield-Plunkett <> wrote:
    >>I think, though, that if the RSCDS is interested in attracting
    >>younger dancers, the solution is not to lower the standards of the dance,
    >>but to emphasize other aspects of it, such as its social aspect, which
    >>younger people find appealing.
    > I second that. We just had a young lady start at New York branch. She
    > moved from another USA city to go to the college here and after a
    > month of trying to establish new connections decided to try again SCD.
    > 2 weeks after she showed up at the branch, she got invited to some big
    > parties and is now being begged to go to the long weekend dancing
    > event (Pauling) (those who are coming, watch out for her keily (sp)
    > number). She said to us (happily) that suddenly her problem is
    > _finding_ the free time to do all the exciting things now on her
    > plate.
    > Regards,
    >     Alex

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