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  • Ian Brockbank

    Ian Brockbank April 3, 2006, 2:40 p.m. (Message 44964)

    RE: Branch details out of date

    Hi Alasdair,
    > When I viewed the Perth Branch Page on the HQ Website there was a link 
    > called "Branch Update Script"  I clicked on that and was presented with an
    > email form  to report any problems etc.  I submitted the details on this 
    > form.
    > As a matter of interest can you tell us know who receives this feedback
    It depends which username is given there.  For branch_update and webadmin it
    goes to both Elspeth and myself.  I think for other usernames it just goes
    to that author.
    > and is this how Branches should update their information?
    That would work.  An email to, or a letter to HQ would also
    work, and are probably better since the will have more people able to pick
    it up (for example, Elspeth won't be able to do anything about your mail
    until she's back from holiday next week, and I don't have access to the HQ
    database to do it myself).
    Ian Brockbank
    Edinburgh, Scotland

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