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  • Alasdair Graham

    Alasdair Graham April 3, 2006, 1:38 p.m. (Message 44963)

    Re: Branch details out of date (was Over 700 schoolchildren dancein Glasgow)

    That sounds an excellent way to manage the updates - provided the staff 
    remember to run the update script.
    When I viewed the Perth Branch Page on the HQ Website there was a link 
    called "Branch Update Script"  I clicked on that and was presented with an 
    email form  to report any problems etc.  I submitted the details on this 
    As a matter of interest can you tell us know who receives this feedback and 
    is this how Branches should update their information?
    Alasdair Graham,
    Dumbarton, Scotland.
    ----- Original Message ----- 
    > That is one area of the site which is as up to date as the branches make 
    > it
    > (although there has been a month-or-so hiatus due to the new database;
    > should be fixed now).  When the office staff update the database, they run 
    > a
    > script which updates the website from the database.
    > But it does depend on branches sending in the updates to HQ, which I
    > understand is not always prompt...
    > Ian Brockbank
    > Edinburgh, Scotland

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