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  • Fiona Grant

    Fiona Grant April 3, 2006, 11:27 a.m. (Message 44957)

    Ceolas Music and Dance School in the Hebrides

    Ceolas is a wonderful week of dance and music held in South Uist in the long
    daylight hours of the Hebridean summer. This year is the 10th school and
    will be held from 1-7 July. Great ceilidhs and classes!
    An unforgettable experience,
    Fiona Grant
    Itinerant dancer based in Bristol.
    Some more info:
    Ceòlas is a music and dance summer school featuring expert tuition in
    piping, fiddling, singing, Scotch reels and Quadrilles, step dancing and the
    Gaelic language. It is set within the Gaelic-speaking community of South
    Uist. Ceòlas explores the vital connections between Scottish traditional
    music, Gaelic song and dance while allowing ample opportunity for
    participants to enjoy all these art forms in cèilidhs and in homes, the
    places which fostered them.
    Though focusing on Hebridean tradition, Ceòlas also has a strong Cape Breton
    dimension. Gaelic culture taken to Cape Breton (Nova Scotia, Canada) by
    emigrants from the Gaidhealtachd nearly 200 years ago survived there in
    relative isolation. Now, Ceòlas provides a unique opportunity to bring it
    all ‘back home'. Celebration of cultural links between music, song and
    dance, and across the Atlantic, is the School's hallmark. 
    Maybelle Chisholm-MacQueen- Piano  
    Alexander MacDonnell- Step Dance  
    Angus MacKenzie - Piping for Dancing  
    Kinnon Beaton- Cape Breton fiddle  
    Troy MacGillivray- Cape Breton Fiddle  
    Ross Ainslie- Piping for Dancing  
    Anna Wendy Stevenson-Scottish Fiddle  
    Cathy Ann MacPhee-Love songs of Uist & Barra  
    Donald John MacIntyre  
    Frank McConnell - Step Dance  
    Iain MacDonald - Artistic Director, Piping  
    Iain MacKay- Hebridean Songs  
    Rona Lightfoot - Songs of Uist  
    Sandra Robertson- Step-Dance 

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