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  • Dick&Maureen Daniel

    Dick&Maureen Daniel April 2, 2006, 6:01 p.m. (Message 44952)

    Re: Over 700 schoolchildren dance in Glasgow

    Anselm wrote
    “Everybody can have fun kicking a rusty can around the Street......
    However, playing organised football does take some practice and 
    And incidentally, football DOES have rules, and some rather more complicated 
    ones than SCD at that......
    no amount of »loosening up« will change that.......
    Apparently the RSCDS were down there in the thick of it rather than outside 
    wrinkling their noses at the outrage, and that is what counts.......
    the main problem in Scotland seems to be that people tend to *view* the 
    Society as a stuffy assemblage of old fogeys who are intent on taking all 
    the fun out of dancing.......
    What the RSCDS needs in Scotland is not »loosening up«. It just needs a PR 
    campaign to educate people. From that point of view the Glasgow event is a 
    Good Thing."
    In response...
    I fail to see the comparison between COMPETITIVE football and Scottish 
    Country Dancing – excepting the COMPETITIVE variety.  Most dancers in my 
    experience, are of the non-competitive variety.  I repeat  “Please note that 
    I am not suggesting extinction of competitive styles”.  As for the football 
    analogy, I am  certain that a rule which stated that the goalkeeper must 
    stand in "First Position" when not defending his goal would be laughed out 
    of play, or totally ignored.
    Incidentally, I WAS one of the RSCDS people in the thick of it, and my nose 
    remains unwrinkled.  Further, I do not see the RSCDS in Scotland [or 
    anywhere else] as "a stuffy assemblage of old fogeys, who are intent on 
    taking all the fun out of dancing".
    No amount of PR will eliminate that iceberg.
    The “Glasgow event” demonstrated my point well, and was undoubtedly an 
    EXTREMELY good thing.
    Dick Daniel.

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