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  • e.ferguson

    e.ferguson April 1, 2006, 10:53 p.m. (Message 44944)

    Re: MacNab Dances in diagrams

    How are you intending to publish your MacNab diagrams?  As you have made 
    them, the copyright on the diagrams is yours, though the copyright holder 
    of the descriptions should be asked for permission to publish.  
    Perhaps you (and the RSCDS) could consider publishing them on a website, 
    for downloading, and to dispense with making printed copies unless a 
    significant demand arises.  This would allow anyone (world-wide) to print 
    them for him(her)self.  It is faster, simpler and cheaper to everyone.
    If you want some amount (eg what would otherwise be needed for printing and 
    postage) to be donated to charity, you could add a note to that effect; I 
    am sure all will comply.
    Happy dancing,
    On 1 Apr 2006 at 5:19, Lydia Hedge wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > I have just received a "proof" copy of "The MacNab Dances in diagrams" from
    > the author of the diagrams - Angus Henry (Australia).
    > What a massive effort he has expended!! It is 14 pages of (rather larger
    > than normal) Pilling like diagrams. Easy to read and accurate (as far as I
    > can tell - I am not familiar with ALL of the dances). A quick way to refresh
    > your memory on these (often complex) dances.
    > It contains detailed diagrammatic representations of the 27 dances collected
    > by Mary Isdale MacNab and published by the RSCDS in "Scottish Dances"
    > Volumes I and II plus two other dances published earlier in the RSCDS
    > leaflet sets "Traditional Scottish Dances".
    > My original understanding was that the RSCDS was going to take Angus' 
    > idea and fly with it, but I have heard no more about it, so I am really
    > pleased to have a proof copy for the interim. It would be good to know when
    > (and if) HQ is planning to publish this booklet (or one like it). 
    > I think many dancers and teachers (especially, because of the extra 
    > notations to help them) would benefit from these diagrams.
    > Well done, Angus!! And thank you.
    > Regards,
    > Lydia Hedge
    > Nova Scotia, Canada
    Eric T. Ferguson, 
    van Reenenweg 3, 3702 SB  ZEIST  Netherlands
    tel: (+31)(0) 30-2673638    
    e-mail: x.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx

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