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  • Marie Disiewicz

    Marie Disiewicz March 30, 2006, 7:21 p.m. (Message 44925)

    Angus Macleod- to promenade or not to promenade????????

    Hi Everyone
    Maybe those who danced Angus Macleod when it first came on the dance
    scene will answer this question.
    My dance instructions for Angus Macleod are from the GIendarroch Sheets.
    I do not have the dance book "Dances Of  An Island Clan"  that Alan
    Paterson's Dance Data suggests.
    The Glendarroch Sheets instructions for this dance come with a sheet
    of diagrams for Angus Macleod.
    On Bars 59 to 62 it shows in diagram the dancing cpls in Promenade hold ( side by side)
    In the written instructions it says for these bars:
     57-64    With 3rd cpl making an arch and 2nd dancing under it. 
               2nd dance down and, together, cast up round 4th woman and
               dance up the middle to the top of the set,
              while 3rd dance up and, together, cast off round 1st man and
              dance down the middle to the bottom of the set.
              After casting, 2nd man and 3rd woman pass left shoulder (
              this is where the promenade hold seems to be correct)
             On 63-64 1st cpl move down and 4th cpl move up.
    Locally it is danced with one dancer leading and the other following
    after they have danced under the arch.
    I taught this dance with the promenade hold as that is what I took from the instructions.
    Personally I did like the promenade hold, but "When in Rome do as the
    Romans do" is not a problem for me.
    That said, where did the promenade hold in the diagram come in, and
    what does "together " stand for in the written instructions?
    Yes, I want to get it right and who else better than to ask this
    question to ,than my favourite group "Strathspey Server".

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