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  • alan mair

    alan mair March 30, 2006, 1:12 p.m. (Message 44920)

    Re: The RSCDS Constitution

    Susi Mayr wrote-
    "Changing the rules is a different matter (item 23d):
    "The Management Board shall have the following powers: (...) to make or
    Rules within the terms of the Constitution for the administration and
    of the affairs of the Society.""
    That statement has been written into the RSCDS Constitution for many years.
    It applied to the Executive Council and was transferred to the Management
    Board with no change in its wording - but there is now a change in the draft
    Constitution in that the word "rules" has been changed to "Rules". If there
    is to be no change in the accepted (and desirable) practice that the "Rules"
    attached to the Constitution can only be changed or added to at AGM (but
    with a sinply majority), why has this small but important change been made?
    The Management Board is elected to administer and manage the Society so we
    would expect it to make and amend rules accordingly. The Rules which are
    part of the Constitution and Rules were approved by the members in General
    Meeting and consequently should not be changed or added to without the
    approval of a General Meeting.
    Alan Mair
    Cupar, Fife.

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