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  • redrose_solutions

    redrose_solutions March 30, 2006, 12:12 p.m. (Message 44918)

    RE: The RSCDS Constitution

    This is what the draft constitution states with regard to alterations to
    the constitiution (item 49a):
    "An alteration to the Constitution of the Society shall be effected only
    by a motion passed by the Society in General Meeting which shall have received
    the vote of not fewer than two thirds of the delegates present."
    Changing the rules is a different matter (item 23d):
    "The Management Board shall have the following powers: (...) to make or amend
    Rules within the terms of the Constitution for the administration and management
    of the affairs of the Society."
    Several postings so far have referred to concerns about changing the constitution
    without member vote. There is currently no provision for individual RSCDS
    members to vote at the AGM; voting at the AGM is done by Branch delegates,
    who may, or may not, depending on the way a Branch conducts its business,
    have been instructed to vote in accordance with the members' wishes. If you
    are a RSCDS member but not a member of a Branch (= a HQ member), you have
    no vote at the Society AGM.  You do, however, (draft constitution item 6a)
    have the right to stand for election to the Management Board and Management
    Committees and to offer yourself as a candidate for appointed posts (and
    get involved in decision-making from within the RSCDS management structure).
    The consultation process for the draft constitution and rules is scheduled
    to run until 25 May, which is the closing date for submissions to HQ. The
    more feedback the better!
    Susi Mayr
    Vienna, Austria (& RSCDS Management Board)
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    >I agree that there should not be appointments by the Board.  Two positions
    >could be reserved for examiners, but these should still be elected by the
    >I also agree that the Board should not be allowed to change the constitution
    >without member vote.  There is also a concern that many of the facets of
    >constitution will be moved to 'rules' which can be changed more easily.
    >Reducing the number of Board Members is a good idea, - perhaps we should
    >for Board meetings to be videoed and made available on the web!
    >Happy Dancing
    >Sue Petyt
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