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  • Anselm Lingnau

    Anselm Lingnau March 30, 2006, 12:10 p.m. (Message 44917)

    Re: The RSCDS Constitution

    Jim Healy wrote:
    > Scots law is no different. What is on the web site is a discussion
    > document. Any changes to the Constitution must be approved by a 2/3rds
    > majority of those voting at the AGM. The safeguards are there.
    Yes. Any changes to the *current* constitution must be approved by the AGM, 
    and I didn't mean to imply any different.
    However, I should like things to stay that way, hence I'm seconding Andrew's 
    opinion that the MB should not be given the power *by the AGM* to 
    unilaterally change the constitution in the future :^) I don't know whether 
    Scots law allows the membership to explicitly vote itself out of the loop 
    like that; German law (irrelevantly to the matter at hand) doesn't.
    Again, I am sure that the current changes have been proposed with only the 
    best of intentions.
    Anselm Lingnau, Frankfurt, Germany .....................
    Insisting on perfect safety is for people who don't have the balls to live
    in the real world.                            -- Mary Shafer, NASA Ames Dryden

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