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    suepetyt March 30, 2006, 9:49 a.m. (Message 44913)

    RE: The Strathspeyer's CD - Mix and Match - MCPS licensing

    It is up to individual composers/artists to register with MCPS and provide
    lists of all their work.  
    Other countries have there own organisations (eg Compass in Singapore) and
    registering with one should ensure that you receive royalties worldwide as
    they liaise with each other.
    There are all sorts of pitfalls from the producers point of view, firstly
    you have to make sure that the tunes you want to record are allowed to be
    recorded (strangely some composers will not give permission, if you then do
    record and sell the music, you are in breach of copyright).
    You then have to list the tune name, composer, publisher, arranger and time
    each tune (so an 8 x 32 piece would be likely to have 4 tunes).  It normally
    takes 2-3 weeks for the licence to come through, and only when you have the
    licence will (reputable) companies produce the CDs, and only the number for
    which you have paid (it is licenced per CD).  The CD Replicators have to fit
    you in their schedule which can also take a couple of weeks, so when you add
    on the time post production time (the time it takes after the recording to
    produce the master CD) it can easily take a couple of months.
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    Thank you Phill.
      However, is any money actually given to copywrite holders who are not
    known to these two organisations - in other words, what effort do they go to
    to pay copyright holders of country dance music and music composed outside
    the UK?
      Iain Boyd
    Phill Jones <xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:
    MCPS stands for Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (see It is the mechanism for paying royalties to the
    composers of any tunes still in copyright that are recorded on the CD
    and is charged based on the number of CDs produced, how long the tune
    lasts on the recording etc... and whether the composer is a member of
    the MCPS.
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