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  • George Meikle

    George Meikle March 30, 2006, 9:18 a.m. (Message 44909)

    RE: dance trace

    "The Dance Illustrator" has been listed in the Sutton Coldfield Dance Index
    for almost three years and is a 4x32S devised by Sue Porter for her father
    Dan Blackwood - hence the title of the original tune name composed by Marian
    Anderson. Sue subscribes to Strathspey, so I would imagine she will be able
    to send you a copy.
    I have no details about "Maureen's Jig" and would appreciate any information
    for inclusion in future copies of the index. There is a tune of that title
    by Fergie Macdonald so that may be the correct original.
    George Meikle
    compiler of the
    Sutton Coldfield Dance Index
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    Subject: dance trace
    On a recent Highlander Music CD by Marian Anderson are two dances,  
    "The Dance Illustrator" and "Maureen's Jig".
    A search of our usual indexes and suppliers has turned up nothing.
    Can anyone supply directions either for the dances or to where we can  
    purchase directions for the dances, please?
    Probably useful to reply to the list as many will have the CD and  
    few, if any, the dances!
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