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  • suepetyt

    suepetyt March 29, 2006, 10:53 a.m. (Message 44892)

    The Strathspeyer's CD - Mix and Match

    We have hopefully now got a band to record the CD of generic music which was
    the subject of a thread earlier in the year.  We hope to record in August,
    and release in October (the MCPS licencing can take quite a while to come
    through sometimes).
    There were enough requests to make about 4 CDs, so I have picked out the
    most popular and also tried to make it a CD that people will want to listen
    I would also like to know how many people would be likely to buy one (not a
    commitment) so that we can judge how many copies to make, as we expect it to
    be relatively small numbers it will probably sell at about 16.00 - 17.00 GBP
    in order to cover the costs.
    1) Does it look like a good variety?
    2) Is it right for most medleys to be strathspey/reel, should there be a
    strathspey/jig, and should they all start with the strathspey or should some
    start quicktime?
    3) Is there anything obvious missing?
    4) How many copies do you think will sell in your area?
    5) Would you be interested in acting as a distributor in your area and
    making some money either for yourself, your group or a charity? (The more
    that are sold, the less each one will cost).
    Proposed tracks - though not in this order on the CD
    Jig 3x32
    Jig 3x40
    Jig 6x32
    Reel 7x32
    Reel 10x32
    Reel 3x40
    Strathspey 6x32
    Strathspey 1x64
    Strathspey 3x40
    Medley 2x32 Reel, 2x32 Strathspey, 2x32 Jig 
    Medley 2x32 Strathspey, 2x32 Reel
    Medley 4x32 Strathspey, 4x32 Reel
    Medley 1x32 Strathspey, 1x32 Reel
    Medley 3x40 Strathspey, 3x40 Reel
    Happy Dancing
    Sue Petyt
    Skype Sue Petyt

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