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  • campbell

    campbell March 25, 2006, 12:19 p.m. (Message 44879)

    Re: Two Chords - from a deviser's point of view

    Alasdair wrote:
    > At all the dances I have attended in Scotland TWO chords ARE the norm for
    > the start of such dances and only ONE chord for the encore.  The reason
    > being that the second time through the dancers are already in the correct
    > position.
    > This applies whether a live band is playing or CD's are being used.
    > I would agree with Charles on this one and it would appear Scotland has
    > "wonderful dancers" too.
    > The same applies to the ceilidh dance scene here when they are dancing the
    > set dances.  At ceilidh dances the band usually act as MC and if they
    > forget
    > the second chord on the first playing the dancers just don't start
    > dancing.
    That clinches the argument for me - if the Scottish can do it then surely
    the rest of us can too.  And if the Scottish DO do it, then we SHOULD too.
     But now can we move on, because this is becoming a bit of a tennis match
    between Simon and whoever will answer him.

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