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  • simon scott

    simon scott March 25, 2006, 1 a.m. (Message 44875)

    RE: Two Chords

    Charles wrote
    If we have a live band I check with the band that the dance will be
    preceded by 2 chords and that if a encore is needed, it will be preceded
    by 1 chord.  If this is agreed then I don't have to make any statement
    whatsoever as this is the norm.
    To start the dance I play track 1 and it naturally runs on with track 2
    and there is no break when it changes to track 2. (2 chords)  For the
    encore I simply play track 2. (1 chord)  I don't need to give any
    instructions other than announce the dance and check that the sets are
    You must have a wonderful group of dancers if they don't even need a
    reminder that the dance requires 3C and 4C to start on the opposite
    Why do you not start the encore with two chords and a cross over also?
    AND, if the encore doesn't require it then why did the first time
    through need it.
    I'm curious.

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