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  • simon scott

    simon scott March 24, 2006, 5:49 p.m. (Message 44870)

    RE: Two chords

    Jan wrote
    Possible solution not involving too much computer
    wizardry:  Have only one chord on the recording.
    If two chords are wanted, begin to play the track but
    stop it after the chord, then once the dancers have
    crossed over and settled, play the track again from
    the beginning.
    Jan, I expect this would work, for those who really want two chords,
    albeit a little extra effort on the part of the teacher or whoever.
    With this method any piece of music could be used.  Therefore no
    recorded tunes need two chords on then.
    Does anyone know or assume WHY or HOW the two chord issue ever
    (unfortunately) started in the first place?

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