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  • Steve Wyrick

    Steve Wyrick March 24, 2006, 5:01 p.m. (Message 44869)

    Re: Two chords

    On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 14:22:41 +0000
      Jan E Rudge <> wrote:
    > << ... the simplest solution is to put the first chord on its own track,
    > with no break between that track and the rest of the dance ... >>
    > Are you sure this would work?  I thought the musicians
    > have said that they leave a longer gap than usual
    > after the second chord before beginning the tune,
    > to allow the dancers to settle into place.
    >Following the solution suggested above, if the dancers
    > are already in place so you want to go straight to the
    > single-chord version, then there would be an over-long
    > gap before the music begins.
    Absolutely.  You just place the track mark basically at the end of the gap so 
    that the 1-chord version sounds normal.  I own several CDs (non-SCD) where 
    something similar was done.  It's a technique commonly used in live concert 
    recordings, for example.  But I agree with Anselm that this has a good chance 
    of confusing many people unused to the available technologies and the 
    single-chord version--or Goss's suggestion of a 4-bar intro instead?--is 
    probably the way to go to please as many people as possible.  The point about 
    making the CD as listenable as possible also seems to be a good argument for 
    using the single-chord version.
    Audrey, good luck with your recording project!  I hope you'll update us on how 
    it goes! -Steve
    Steve Wyrick - Concord, California

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