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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister March 24, 2006, 10:54 a.m. (Message 44865)

    Re: Two chords

    You also hope that people will want to listen to the music for its own 
    Your first concern is that the CD tracks are musically of a high 
    standard and each track stands on its own one that basis.
    This being the case why would yo even consider the insertion of a lumpen 
    additional chord before a track.
    Remember you are the musician and the dancers dance to YOUR tune. If the 
    music is good they'll want to dance.
    In message <006b01c64e53$756ede10$xxxxxxxx@xxxxx>, Audrey Emmett 
    <> writes
    >The response to my question on the value of two chords has been most 
    >gratifying. My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to pass on 
    >their opinion.
    >Much of the discussion on the 2 chord issue has revolved around  social 
    >situations where the music is being played live. Here in Western 
    >Australia we rarely have that luxury and depend almost entirely on 
    >recorded music for classes and social functions. So, when considering 
    >the production of our Cd, we will naturally have a tendency to let 
    >local conditions influence our decisions. Hence the call to 
    >Strathspeyers for a global perspective!
    >With live music, the MC, local custom, band leader etc, can decide to 
    >include or withhold the second chord. The deviser of the dances in our 
    >book has commented that he is quite happy for groups to decide for 
    >themselves whether they use 1 or 2 chords for his four couple dances.
    >Our concern is how leaving out the second chords will affect the sale 
    >and use of our Cd. There will be more than one dance where two chords 
    >could be used. Does anyone have any thoughts specifically on the 
    >perspective of two chords and recorded music.
    >Again, my thanks in anticipation...
    Bryan McAlister

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