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  • John Chambers

    John Chambers March 24, 2006, 5:09 a.m. (Message 44864)

    Re: dance notes

    | That is a very generous offer.  Rather than going to one person could
    | they be copied onto sheets and be available to many.
    | Simon
    | Vancouver
    There is a growing practice of scanning pages of  documents
    and putting them on a web site, where interested people are
    invited to transcribe them  into  a  form  more  usable  by
    computers.   The  Gutenberg project has done this with some
    rare old books, for example.  There are any number of  such
    projects that you can get involved with.
    The most unusual case that I know of: The  big  archaeology
    news  in  Central  America  has been the deciphering of the
    classical Mayan writing.  There are thousands of  "stelae",
    carved  stone  columns  covered  with writing, all over the
    area. They are mostly historical markers. People are taking
    digital photos of them, putting them online, and asking any
    interested people to help transcribe them.  The result will
    be an extensive history of the area from before the Spanish
    arrived, burned all the libraries, and  killed  anyone  who
    could read and write.  You have to learn the Mayan language
    to help out in this effort, of course.
    | Hi All,
    | I've just received this offer.  Anyone interested?
    | Cheers,
    | Ian Brockbank
    | Edinburgh, Scotland
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    | Subject: dance notes
    | I have about 500 SCD notes on file cards that I'd like to give to anyone
    | who can use them.  I'm willing to pay basic ground postage.
    |      Marian Wemple
    |      Colorado, USA
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