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  • Audrey & Robin Emmett

    Audrey & Robin Emmett March 23, 2006, 9:26 a.m. (Message 44856)

    Two chords

    The response to my question on the value of two chords has been most
    gratifying. My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to pass on
    their opinion.
    Much of the discussion on the 2 chord issue has revolved around
    social situations where the music is being played live. Here in
    Western Australia we rarely have that luxury and depend almost
    entirely on recorded music for classes and social functions. So, when
    considering the production of our Cd, we will naturally have a
    tendency to let local conditions influence our decisions. Hence the
    call to Strathspeyers for a global perspective!
    With live music, the MC, local custom, band leader etc, can decide to
    include or withhold the second chord. The deviser of the dances in our
    book has commented that he is quite happy for groups to decide for
    themselves whether they use 1 or 2 chords for his four couple dances.
    Our concern is how leaving out the second chords will affect the sale
    and use of our Cd. There will be more than one dance where two chords
    could be used. Does anyone have any thoughts specifically on the
    perspective of two chords and recorded music.
    Again, my thanks in anticipation...

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